Seminar in Barbados   -  OCT 18, 2018 to OCT 20, 2018


 Event Summary

Day -1  - Registration at 9am

  Seminar start at 9.30am

We will address Outsourcing and how accountants can achieve safe confidential business process management outsourcing with non-compete guarantees.

We will show ways to outsource workflow process management without any loss in quality and control, while increasing client service delivery productivity.

We will address outsource management of the client administration process

Day - 2

We will work on the "what's" on the agenda list, with the objective to address how a successful leads generation system works and how you can customize one to fit your client base growth goal to drive the client acquisition process and bring qualified leads and high quality clients to the firm.

Day - 3

  Lunch by the beach

The luncheon on Saturday will be in Bathsheba by the sea.

This is located on the east coast side of the island.  To get you there, we will provide the ground transportation to and back to your hotel.

At the luncheon, we will talk about how to implement all or parts of what we talked about and provide as required telephone or Skype support.

This way, if you need help we are just a technology connection away.

For Attendees with departing flights back to your home destination on Saturday or Sunday.

See list below of a few things you can do that will enhance your after seminar Barbados experience.

Attend the Ostinís Friday Night Fish Fry

If you are a golfer, get a round in while you are here:

Barbados Golf Club, Durants, Christ Church.

Rockley Golf & Country Club. Rockley, Christ Church

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Ostinís Friday Night Fish Fry

Radisson Hotel Barbados


Seminar Fee and Pre-registration requirements

Pre-registration deposit required by August 18, 2018

 This way your seminar seat and hotel accommodation will be guaranteed  

Balance due the morning of the seminar in Barbados as part of the seminar registration process (Pay by credit card. Visa or Master card)

Seminar Fee Per Attendee:                                 $1,795.00 USD

       Pre-registration Deposit required           $700.00.USD

Accompanying people attending the seminar →             $897.50 USD Per person

       → Pre-registration Deposit required:          $360.00. USD

Accompanying people: not attending the seminar:  →       $500.00 USD Per person

                      Pre-registration Deposit required:      $250.00. USD


Ground Transportation

Hotel accommodation for seminar days

Breakfast and Lunch