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How we grew or knowledge base

During the over 35 years in our collective accounting and bookkeeping businesses, we discovered that to achieve success in growing our client base and incomes at low cost, we had to think outside the box of canned, recycled services and programs being offered which was consuming a large amount of our marketing budget.

This forced us to decide to get busy learning, how to grow our business hassle free and beyond the hype, without committing any more investment into programs that don't work anyway.

To do this we attended numerous workshops and seminars in Canada and the USA, that was supposedly offering a better way to get clients for accounting and bookkeeping businesses.

We immersed ourselves in reading books and materials on the subject. 

However, This learning time investment, allowed us to use all the collective and collected information and ideas gathered during the learning years, and taking available marketing seminars, we were able to customize all the ideas and knowledge gathered, to customize a Client Acquisition Marketing and Leads Generation system, that worked.

It worked so well, we were able to develop, workable systems and techniques that allowed us to build and sell our bookkeeping businesses with between 400 to 700 clients.

What Next

With this type of proven success, we decided to package what we know and bring accountants looking for more clients, a low cost, workable solution that would allow them to easily get 2-5 qualified leads per week or more and 1-2 new clients per month and much, much more.

Prior to roll-out, we added an internet marketing specialist, a software programmer and a team of web designers to help us add customized landing Page Webs and Welcome videos fast, to the business profile of accountants.

We are all full time dedicated to our Mission. To Change the way Accountants get clients and providing customized support to the business process management tasks and the client service management functions

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