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About Us

We are a Client Acquisition and Leads Generation services company, that specializes in finding and delivering qualified Leads, Referrals and Ready-to-Sign clients to the email inbox of Self Employed Accountants and Small Firms

We are not here to compete  - Read More

We are here to Dominate and change how accountants get clients - Read More

We are here to find new clients for our clients.   - Read More

We are here to help accountants cut their client acquisition cost - Read More

We are here to position Accountants to Dominate the acquisition of new clients from within their  Postal code or Zip Code Area

We will disrupt the leads generation system being sold to accountants, that promises leads potential exposure through higher location and positioning on Internet directories at various fee levels without any potential for ROI.

These services are based on the chance that business owners or casual visitors doing keyword searches using words related to accounting, accountants or bookkeepers, will find you, with no managed relationship of how you will connect.

This approach is useless to accountants in a time when most accountants have their own website. 

What accountants need today is a system that bring potential clients direct to their Landing Page Web.

So, we are here to disrupt this space and provide accountants a real leads generation alternative at low to no-cost.

What are here to provide to accountants in our directory of accountants, with a dependable leads and personalized new clients managed service system that will put accountants in front of business owners looking for accountants and bring ready-to-sign business owners looking for accountants to connect with accountants located within their postal code or zip code area looking for clients.

We bring a client acquisition service and support system to singleton accountants and small firm that will allow them to grow their client base and incomes, without having to invest in outdated and expensive advertising and promise leads programs that don’t work anyway.

Instead accountants will get leads delivered direct to their in-box at no cost, as well as get ready to sign clients sending them request to be contacted.

Our team is made up of accountants, bookkeepers and software developers with over 25 years operating their own singleton accounting or bookkeeping business or or small firm.

In 2015 we got together to bring our passion for the industry to accountants ready to think outside the box a new way to get more client to grow their business and eliminate inconsistent cash flow, competition free.

For accountants looking to cut their client acquisition cost, and operate their business hands-free, we are positioned to provide the required support services that will relieve them of the client service management functions, so they will be able to easily provide their services to a larger client base at lower cost and drive more profits to the bottom-line. 

At ACAS, you can grow your business and client base incomes, without buying Leads, Referrals or Client Accounts



If you see something, Say Something

As we enhancement our message for getting the word out about our service, we will sometimes cause a link to be broken. 

Visitors to our website will usually land on a broken link before we discover it.  With this in mind, we are asking for your help.

If you land on a broken link page, PLEASE use this Contact-Us link to message us with the link address.

Similarly, we have switched from regular Toll-Free service to Voice Over IP.  The VoIP Telephone is (416) 840-6702.

So please if you land on a page giving you the (888) number, send us the page location to make the correction.


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