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July 2018  

Change is coming to the accounting industry with most accountants resisting change being stuck in yesterday


As a result, most accountants still refer to their business as their accounting practice.  Some are stuck in the Debit and Credits line holding on to yesterday and how it was.

The smart accountants today see what they do as a business and constantly look for ways to make more money providing required services to their clients

Many accountants are still stuck holding on to overseeing every aspect of the service delivery process. 

They convince themselves that they are the only one that can provide the services for their clients, so they make sure to hold on to each client with iron gloves.  These accountants are usually charge less for their service plus fail to get paid in advance and wind up with un-collectable accounts receivables. (Bad Debts)

Although outsourcing is here and can be tailored to relieve accountants of the time-consuming segments of the delivery of accounting service, most accountants are reluctant to get on the outsourcing train, for fear that the outsource service provider will steal their clients

So, accountants thinking this way, spends a significant amount of time cuddling the work to do process and miss the opportunity to grow big in the space too small for the big firms to play in

With current and emerging technology today, accountants of any size business should look to declutter their work-flow management system, outsource the bookkeeping side of their business, free up more time to spend with the family and focus their time providing professional services.

One of the other ways accountants wind up missing opportunities to grow their client base and the business bottom-line, is by being focused on holding tight to their existing group of clients and not adding more clients, without recognizing that client can die, and they lose the business.  Plus, clients can be enticed to switch accountants for reasons not related to dissatisfaction or any fault of the accountant or staff, so accountants should position their business to be always in the client acquisition mode

To really survive today, accountants should have a strong client acquisition and leads generation marketing plan that keeps them in front of business owners every day, so that when these business owners are ready to find and retain the services of a new accountants they will get the call

But accountants do not see themselves as sales people and are unwilling to do any type of cold call selling to get new clients or qualified leads.  So, they become prisoners to all the old outdated ways of getting found by potential clients, that are no longer effective or even worth the investment

These accountants are stuck in yesterday, due to the fear of loosing out, forgetting that being listed in an online directory that promises that they have clients looking for the services you provide, is a take your money sales pitch. Paying for the promise that your business name will be in the top ten slots on Google and the rest, is folly.

Consider the size of the competition today of accountants and bookkeepers looking for clients, falling prey to these fluff offers of internet rankings service offerings is like putting a match to your money.

Let’s face it, do accountants really believe that your listing offers, or SEO service provider services will get even one qualified potential client to do an internet search looking for your business and find you?

I believe that deep down accountants shelling their money paying for these service offerings, do not believe that they will get leads or even clients to justify the expense, but FOLO and being reluctant to think outside the box, keep lots of accountants handcuffed to yesterday.

This is all about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

As an accountant, I encourage you to turn the page, stop burning money on ineffective ways to keep your business alive by getting more clients and the opportunity to develop a steady flow of qualified leads and new clients, start looking for ways to outsource and save money, time and your sanity.

A recent article predict that accounting is one of the industries that will disappear soon, so accountants should position themselves to be in a business that provides accounting service, instead of holding on to running an accounting practice.   

June 2018






The silent challenge facing self employed accountants and small firms today

How to Get More Clients
to develop a dependable income stream and eliminate inconsistent cash flow, without investing in expensive marketing and sales programs, that don’t work anyway.

The solution? 

A Leads Generation Marketing System with Client Acquisition and Admin Support

Reason! This is a full-time job that needs full time attention.

If you agree, take a look at ACAS.

ACAS is a new company that is changing the way accountants get qualified leads and referrals to grow their client base and incomes by bringing disruptive innovations and technologies to the client acquisition industry to address the challenges faced by accountants and position them to develop a steady flow of qualified leads and referrals at no cost.

This service is a unique end-to-end subscriber based networking system that reaches out to business owners and entrepreneurs and identify those looking for their next accountant and are ready to sign and deliver these client leads direct to the inbox of accountants in their subscriber network.

This way, accountants in their network will be locked in for exclusive delivery of leads to their inbox by their postal code or zip code, giving them exclusive leads acquisition ownership of all leads generated by the company from within their locked-in postal or zip code areas.

Driving this service system is set of Find-An-Accountant-Near-You direct to potential clients landing page marketing platforms, designed to change the way business owners and entrepreneurs find the right accountant for their business.

This platform includes a variety of targeted video jingles designed to make the system the go to place for business owners and their associates looking for accountants.

This Find-an-accountant-near-you system, puts accountants in the network in front of business owners and entrepreneurs looking for accountants and link them to the directoriesofaccountants network to easily find the right accountant for their business competition free.

This way, accountants will save money by not having to pay sales agent commissions on new clients or referrals, yet be positioned to grow their client base and income certainty without any direct sales calling effort from accountants

This system will insulate accountants from having to deal with call reluctance from having to make telephone cold calls to unqualified purchased prospect lists. 

Instead they will be part of a unique automated leads and referrals generating system that they only need to discuss fees, back work status, introduce their business information delivery procedure and get started providing the required accounting and tax service needed.

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