Accountants CA Services, provide competition free Client Acquisition Services to Accountants and bookkeepers with a dedicated marketing and promotion system platform for getting new clients and referrals for less than 60 cents per day.  Join the Network, Get Listed, Get Found, Get Referrals, Get Prequalified Leads and New Clients

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Changing the way Accountants find and acquire new

clients and Business Owners Find Accountants

Markham, Ontario Canada: March 10, 2016. Accountants CA Services announces the launch of the first competition free leads generation and new clients’ acquisition services for accountant and bookkeepers.

Accountants CA Services is an exclusive business matching service that reaches out to small and medium sized business owners, managers and entrepreneurs with a free findanaccountant  matching system that brings those looking for accounting, bookkeeping or tax services to a set of exclusive directories of accountants to find, select and connect with the right accountant or bookkeeper for their business.

This service also gives business owners and managers not ready to change their current service provider, the opportunity to talk to an accountant or bookkeeper in our network free, to get help with a business decision or provide them with a second opinion or suggested solution to an accounting or tax question.

For Accountants and bookkeepers in our directory network, we provide them with an automated leads generation service that requires no effort from them and gives them a free exclusive lockedin by postal code or zip code leads acquisition service on a first choice basis, that delivers all leads acquired from within their main business postal or zip code area direct to their inbox. 

To make it easy for accountant and bookkeepers in our network to extend their opportunity to get more clients so as to develop a steady flow of qualified leads, referrals and new clients for their business, as we generate leads across Canada and the USA not locked in by accountants in our network, we add these to our online leads database and send an email notification regarding the new available leads to all accountants in our network to allow them to login and acquire more leads as required.

Our Mission is to give accountants a new way to get leads, referrals and new clients to grow their client base and income certainty, without having to invest in expensive advertising and seminars, while providing Small and Medium sized business Owners with an easy way to find and connect with the right accountant for their business.

Accountants CA Services is a Client Acquisition Service platform for accountants and bookkeepers, with a strong direct to client no effort from accountant’s system.

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