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Get ready to get More Clients for Tax Time This Time, without blowing the budget

The landscape is filled with professional accountants who know their business, yet fail to corner enough clients from their targeted client industry to sleep well at nights without worrying about their uneven cash flow challenges and what to do to create income consistency to meet payroll, rent and other office expenses on a monthly basis.

These same accountants know that the key to solving these problems is getting more clients.  As a result, they are easily duped into spending an average of $20,000 per year attending “How To” Seminars that promise them the key to getting more clients.

They are also kept busy joining and attending networking events that is either fee based membership driven or must pay a cost to attend. Yet these are simply time robbers that never deliver any reasonable ROI.  However, accountants driven by the “Fear of Missing Out” continue to invest time and money hoping and praying silently that one of these days they will get a high value client that will be good payback for all the time and efforts spent attending these events.

I know from my own experience as an owner operator of my own bookkeeping business for over 30 years that this stuff doesn’t work. For the sellers and sales agents, it is a gold mine.  They have developed the idea that all they have to do is wave the flag of don’t miss out and accountants signs up.

After attending numerous seminars, investing in videos and tapes over the years that promised to show me how to get clients, I gave up the madness and began to develop my own plan and system and changed my life and stress. I was able to go from income inconsistency and uneven cash flow and bank loans to building a client base of over 400 clients before selling the bookkeeping business.

Today the buzz word is SEO services. The pitch is if you invest in SEO services that could cost you thousands, your website or your internet listing will be pushed up to be on the first page of any search directory that you may be in.

This stuff doesn’t work. Think about it logically. The Internet is crowded and with more accountants and bookkeepers getting their own website, the chance of being found on the internet by a potential client is close to nil. Every accountant with a website today, is buying into the idea of purchasing SEO services to rise to the top of the search engine page.

Sure a website is good to have and your clients expect you to have one. However, if you are being sold that having a website and paying to get to the top of the page in the directory or any other internet directory will get you more clients, is a joke.  It won’t happen.

I know from experience that we are also conned with offers of free listings and again the “Fear of Missing out” leads us to add our practice.  However, a few days after you add your business free, you receive a call from their telemarketing group with the following pitch.

“Thank you for adding your business to our directory.  However, we have a high volume of clients looking for your service but for them to find you, you need to upgrade your listing to easily get found.

Now the sales pitch you received may have different words but they were and will be similar in sound and intent.  To up-sell you to pay monthly fees of $50.00 to $150.00 per month, which most do.

Here is what will work.  Find a way to implement a client acquisition system that will put your business in front of potential clients you want to acquire and get them to contact you or have you contact them.

Now this may sound like I am suggesting you hire a sales person to get out there, but although there is a similarity in what I am proposing, that would be too expensive and in most cases complicated, since you would be paying a commission for client they acquire for you.

The true problem is you may be subsidizing their sales prospecting cost, but you have no guarantee that they will bring you the high value clients.  They may simply sell those to other accounting firms for more than your agreed commission per client.

So what to do.  Find a service that specializes in client acquisition and let them do the sales, marketing and promotion needed to bring you clients.  Find one that you do not have to pay for clients you get. You may have to pay a membership fee, but that is surely better than a commission per client system

So do not allow the sharks to sell you SEO service.  Your potential clients are not internet surfers, so getting to the top of a search engine will not get you more business. Stop buying the tapes and videos promising to teach you how to get clients. You probably have quite a few sitting on your bookshelf that you haven’t had time to look at or even attempt to test.

Make 2017 your year to think outside the box.  Look around for a better way to get more clients.

Posted by Ron Johnson

President Accountants.CA Services