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the Bookmark marketing system

We created a bookmark page system and invite potential client visitors to download and save a copy of the bookmark to easily come back in the future for a refresher visit.

This way, we make it easy for accountants in our network get found

HERE IS WHY: When a potential client visitor click the bookmark link, our system will bring them to a “Bookmark Landing Page” on our website.that has a download link that highlight all of the connect with accountants web pages, that will allow them to connect with accountants looking for new clients.

With this bookmark to their computer they will easily share the information with business associates looking for their next accountants, or simply come back for a visit.



This way we create a bond to make it easy for these potential clients to come back to our network to find an accountant or share the link with business associates looking for their next accountant or accounting services.

Happenings this year. 

We will add a series of find-an-accountant drive time radio commercials with a catchy jingle so business owners and managers will be subliminally driven to visit the network. 

Next we will launch a TV video commercial similar to the drive time radio commercial.

Come back often to learn more


The growth Plan! Provide Accountants in our network with a No-Cost, Marketing Platform and support services, to easily reach out to potential clients and promote their accounting and bookkeeping business and services, without having to invest in expensive advertising, marketing and service sales promotion.

Teamwork is the key: - Accountants and bookkeepers have related needs, they can greatly benefit from cooperative marketing under a competition free leads generation and client acquisition system. 

Teamwork marketing and advertising is much more time-efficient and since there is no cost to the accountants, is extremely cost-effective.

This marketing bands accountants together under a managed service marketing system in a competition free zone that deliver acquired leads to in-box

The opportunity is the economy of scale, that utilizes a cross section of media to reach potential clients and bring them to find the right accountant for their business.


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