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Thank you note


Dear Accountant/Bookkeeper

Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you for stopping by and giving us the opportunity to introduce you to a new way to get leads, referrals and new clients without breaking a sweat.

This new way was created by us after over 30 years of doing our own client acquisition sale, marketing and promotion.

Our mission to share the concept and steps for creating your own client acquisition marketing and promotion system, in-house.

However, we also know that you are very busy, as a result, we created this company to do it for you and for accountants across Canada and the USA, at low cost and hassle-free.

How to get more client.?

What if you had a motivated client acquisition sales marketing and promotion team utilizing a direct to potential clients sales marketing and promotion system to put your practice in front of potential clients 24/7 at no cost to you, with the mission to bring you qualified leads, referrals and new client located near you looking for their next accountant?

Well, the what-if is now a reality.

Directory of Accountants and it's Accountants.CA division, was founded to provides accountants  and small firms with an always on, client acquisition sales, marketing and promotion service that will cost less than $0.60 (cents) per day. 

This service will allow accountants and bookkeepers to leave the sales, marketing and promotion work to us, so as to focus on providing the service they left their full-time job with a big firm to do.  Build a successful accounting or bookkeeping business.

This service will enhance the internet presence and visibility of accountants and their practice while providing accountants with the keys to getting new clients without blowing the budget.

The plan is to solve the client acquisition challenges faced by accountants and the high cost of getting new clients that produces very little return on their marketing and advertising investment.

So please give us a moment of you time to deliver our message.

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If you have read this thank you note this far, thank you again for you time.

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Ron Johnson


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