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we aspire to make a difference by helping accountant reduce their client acquisition cost, grow their client base and the bottom-line, without investing in expensive advertising

  The Difference!


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We are Changing the way accountants get new clients by deploying a no-cost direct marketing system that puts accountants in front of potential clients creating a steady flow of qualified ready to sign client leads and deliver these direct to the inbox of accountants

It is a marketing fact, that most accountants do not like or want do their own marketing, or make sales calls to generate leads. 

Most prefer to invest in the old ways of joining community activities and organization, which requires them to attend meetings and hope to get known in the community to maybe get leads and referrals.

We bypass waiting in hope system and deploy a direct to potential client marketing system that allows us to put accountants in front of qualified potential clients and generate a steady flow of business owner looking for their next accountant.

Under our marketing system, we reach out to owners and managers of small to medium sized businesses and identify those looking for their next accountant, or to change accountants, and motivate them to visit our accountants network to confidentially review the profile of accountants located within their business postal code or zip code.

This way, they get to select the ones that would be the right fit for their business and connect with them by phone or using the online contact information form, or simply submit a request to be contacted using the secure online request form.

Just listing your accounting service with an online directory is no longer a valuable approach to getting found on the internet, unless the directory provides a focused client acquisition system that will put your business in front of potential clients and have a system to capture these leads and deliver them to your in-box.


The Internet is Crowded. 

Even if you have a website, you will still not get found.

To get found you need to have an ongoing direct to potential clients acquisition marketing and promotion system in place

A focused client service marketing system, is the only way to eliminate the struggle to get found and allow you to develop a steady flow of leads and new clients, to grow your client base and eliminate the need to invest in expensive advertising.

Our service system is different

We include a competition free client acquisition feature

This feature locks-in your business address postal code or zip code and deliver all leads generated from within your postal code or zip, direct to your in-box.

We provide the opportunity for accountants to lock-in up two additional postal codes or zip codes to extend your exclusive leads acquisition reach.

We provide an easy to use leads acquisition system that notifies you by email as new leads are generated, from other postal codes or zip codes not locked-in by you or other accountants.

Where applicable, these leads are automatically added to our Undistributed Leads database creating a unique leads download database for accountants looking for more leads of business owners looking for accountants.

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  client service representative marketing       

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  We Employ Cooperative Marketing


   Here is how we do it

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It is a fact that companies with similar business needs or client types, can greatly benefit from cooperative marketing using managed service.

We utilize Cooperative Marketing because of it's cost affordability, convenience, as well as being economically efficient.

This allows us to band together and cross promote accountants in our directories and their services and put them in front of potential clients.

This way, our customized marketing campaigns benefits all accountants in our directories even if they are competing for the same client types.


We created a customized managed service leads and referrals generation system, is with an automated leads distribution and leads acquired delivery to the  in-box of accountants listed in our directories

The Bottom-line

We bring a new invitation action marketing system to potential clients looking for their next accountant or bookkeeper.

This type of leads acquisition marketing and promotion system, is designed to make it easy for potential clients to identify and contact the right accountants for their business.

For accountants and bookkeepers looking for new clients, this service system will allow them to easily get qualified leads and referrals to grow their client base and the bottom-line, without any sales effort or investment in expensive advertising.

This is a managed service, designed to put listed accountants in front of potential clients, year round.

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