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Value Proposition: Get more qualified leads, referrals and ready-to-sign clients competition free, delivered to your inbox, without investing in expensive advertising, telemarketing cold calls or buying accounts

We provide accountants with Client Acquisition and leads generation services that employs customized landing page websites with welcome video marketing that position accountants in our network, to get found, and generate a steady flow of qualified leads, referrals and ready to sign clients, delivered to their inbox, competition free, to grow their client base and incomes without cold calls sales or attending network meetings.

The services utilizes a set of exclusive client acquisition directories, with a direct-to-clients marketing system, that puts accountants in front of business owners looking for their next accountant.

We bring dedicated focus and commitment to provide the best client acquisition service, with a business partner-like attitude to add value to the client base growth goals of accountants.  click to read more

  How it works

We put your practice in front of business owners and managers and bring them to connect with you in one of our exclusive network directories or submit a request for you to contact them, using our request an accountant system.

How we do it.

Located on the profile page of each accountant or bookkeeper in our directory network, is an email link that allows potential client visitors to your profile, to click the request an accountant link to send you a request to contact them.

Next, to allows clients that visit our directories of accountants and bookkeepers network, who may be pressed for time or did not find a local accountant in the directory, they can simply use the general request for an accountant contact link to send a request to be contacted


These request are leads that we distribute to the membership in our network direct to their inbox, under our locked in postal code or zip code matching system. 


The postal code matching system

This is our Locked-in Leads acquisition and delivery to in-box system

If no locked-in leads subscriber is found in our network for the postal code or zip code area of the lead request, the lead is published in our available leads/undistributed leads database with email notification to all members to allow them to login and download the lead or leads and contact the client looking for an accountant.

► We make it easy for clients to get to know you

Your business profile information presentation in our directories, allows clients to read your business profile and other information such as Articles and Newsletters from our articles database and if applicable take time to view your landing page web and video profile

► Spam-free email

This allows clients to send you an email request to be contacted using this email system that requires them to provide details about their business and business needs. 

This way, these requests, become true pre-qualified leads.


  Create Brand Contact Awareness


We enhance the motivation for clients to use our directory network to find their next accountant with a one page click to connect free service system that is delivered to them via direct marketing and promotion.

This includes our catchy Find An Accountant video jingle-line

This way, when a small or medium-size business owner manager decides to change accountant or find a new accountant our video jingle will be in their subconscious directing their response action to use one of our easy to use links instead of searching the crowded internet or asking an associate for a recommendation.


CA-Seminar Promotion

CA-Video Gallery

Content Marketing


To help bring potential clients to our accountants network directories to find their next accountant, we do a set of direct marketing programs each to bring accountants in our network peak period promotion that addresses the potential mental readiness to make a change or decision to find their next accountant.

These marketing programs are done annually in January, March  and October.   to bring accountants year-end accounting service clients.

We also do a set of direct marketing programs in , to bring year-end and tax time clients to the directories to find accountants.

We also provide business owners and managers with a video gallery for them to peruse the benefits of using our matching service system to find their next accountant or bookkeeper.

ACAS-Video Gallery

Automated Leads Generation

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